Our nursing staff offers a strong skillset and prides themselves in offering empathetic care along with attention to detail and a proactive approach to changes in condition.  Our nursing staff has impeccable intercommunication skills, acting as a constant liaison between our residents and our treating physicians.  The specialized wound care program offers a Certified Wound Care Nurse on staff full-time as well as wound vac equipment readily available.  Our Director of Nursing offers a consistent gentle approach when it comes to handling behaviors.

Medical Services

  • Dental Care
  • Podiatry
  • Ophthalmology
  • Bariatric Care
  • In-House Psychology & Psychiatry
  • In-House Wound Care
  • In-House Endocrine
  • Hospice Services

Rehabilitation & Therapy Services

Our skilled rehabilitation department that boasts a fully functional kitchen and bathroom; enabling the rehabilitative staff to evaluate each resident’s needs and prepare them for a safe transition back to their home.  The rehabilitative team is equipped with Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy Practitioners and focuses on resident centered care and individualized treatment plans to enable residents to achieve their maximum functional potential.

To best suit our community, we have therapists fluent in Korean and Spanish, with extensive clinical experience in progressive neurological disorders, orthopedics, orthotic management and training, amputation and bariatrics.  We work together to provide comprehensive care to increase patient’s independence both in house and for anticipated discharges.  We train patients with necessary equipment and assist them with discharge planning back to their community.  We train our nursing staff to utilize a “Restorative Nursing Program” to assist in maintaining an individual’s functional mobility.

Social Services

Our Social Services department prides itself in working with the residents and their families ensuring they have the best quality of life and their needs are met to the highest level of expectation.  Your social worker is here to help you adjust to your new environment and facilitate a smooth transition back into the community.  They advocate for every resident to be treated with respect and their preferences upheld.

Care Conference

Harborview of Lansdale team members work together with the resident and care givers to develop individualized care plans.  Meetings are scheduled through Social Services.  New admissions are scheduled within the first 72 hours of admission and a follow-up meeting during their first week of stay.  We have quarterly care meetings, but we do conduct meetings upon request or as needed to update resident and guardian/legal representative on any changes.  We encourage the participation of both guests and responsible parties.  If the responsible party is unable to physically attend the care conference, you may be conferenced called into the meeting, or our social worker will be happy to provide a summary of the meeting.

Recreational Department & Independent Leisure Activities

The Recreation Director develops a monthly calendar offering daily programs and events to our residents and visitors.  The calendar can be viewed in the lounge and common areas throughout the center.  We offer a wide variety of activities that range from in-house musical entertainment, themed parties/events, intellectual, physical, and religious programs such as men’s group, pet therapy, and Catholic Mass monthly.  We also have the religious services on Sundays for residents.

Recreation also hosts group outings such as live concerts, festivals, lunch and shopping trips out into the community.  For individuals looking for independent leisure activities we have a library (located on the 3rd floor), in-house movie theater (located on the 2nd floor), and outdoor patio to enjoy sunshine and fresh air.  We also have word puzzles, adult coloring books, cards, colored pencils, and crayons for individual use.

We are always striving to meet the diverse needs of all our residents.

Multilingual & Multi-Cultural Asian Unit

The need for assistance and care has no language barriers.  The Asian residents that reside within our community have unlimited access to Asian interpreters, an exquisite menu that varies between numerous Asian cultures, Asian TV programming, and an activity program that can meet the needs of all our residents.

Memory Care and Dementia Programs

We have dementia programs 3 times weekly, and individualized visits daily.  We encourage all residents, per their preferences, to attend and participate in any of our group activities, entertainment, parties, outdoors, etc.

We strive to offer each day:

  • Cognitive
  • Emotional
  • Physical
  • Social
  • Spiritual

Dining Services & Nutrition

We offer home style dining services for all our residents.  Our seasonal menu and always available meals are displayed near the nurses’ station.  Alternate meal options and snacks are always available.  Guests are welcome to dine with you.  What you are able to eat may be limited by your nutritional needs or medical conditions, a dietician will manage your nutritional needs and food preferences in conjunction with your attending physician.

The dietician provides comprehensive initial nutrition assessment for a variety of patient types, including those identified to be at nutrition risk, having abnormal nutrition laboratory values, on modified diets, or patients on alternate forms on nutrition support such an enteral (tube feedings) or parenteral (IV) nutrition.  All dieticians are registered by the American Dietetic Association and routinely provide basic and comprehensive nutrition assessment, medical nutrition therapy recommendations, participate in multidisciplinary patient care rounds and provide nutrition education to patients.