If you have been searching for the best place for Dialysis in Montgomeryville, come to The Harborview Rehab & Care Center Lansdale. We have been providing exceptional medical care to the community for years.

We have specific programs for care, including dialysis.

Our dedicated and competent, skilled and licensed nurse’s offer you the best in dialysis care. Dialysis in Montgomeryville cannot compare to the quality of care we can provide to you.

We have a stellar team of professionals specifically trained in dialysis. If your physician has recommended you begin dialysis therapy, please call us today to schedule an appointment by dialing (215) 855-9765.

Full-Service Health Care Facility in Montgomeryville

We are a full- service health care facility that provides in-patient as well as out-patient care. We offer skilled nursing, short term, long-term and wound care in addition to our services for dialysis care.

Why would you search for Dialysis in Montgomeryville when the best care is in Lansdale?

We offer Bariatric care, Tracheostomy care and we provide physical, occupational and speech therapies plus we offer assistance to those that require it with the tasks of daily living such as bathing, dressing, grooming, toileting and incontinence care while in our care.

Find Dialysis Services in Montgomeryville

If you would like to learn more about all of our programs to help you strengthen and rebuild, please refer to our website. Or you may call today to speak with one of our dedicated and knowledgeable representatives at (215) 855-9765. They can assist you by answering any questions you may have regarding any of our programs, insurance participation and to schedule to come and take a tour.

Does the facility for Dialysis in Montgomeryville offer you the ability to tour their dialysis center?

Unlike Dialysis in Montgomeryville, we provide all facets of care. If you should require admission for ongoing care, we have that ability. Maybe you are new to getting dialysis treatments. Since we have the expertise you require, come and see how we can get you started on your journey.

Dialysis in Montgomeryville

If you would like to come and take a tour, please schedule. We can update you on our Covid protocol and discuss appointment dates by speaking with our representative at (215) 855-9765.

When searching for the best in dialysis, you want to know that the staff you are dealing with has the experience you should demand. You need to know that it is covered by your insurance. You need to be comfortable and understand all that will be going on surrounding your dialysis. We will take the time needed to keep you informed of all medical decisions regarding your care.

Stop searching for the unknown with Dialysis in Montgomeryville and come to where experience, compassion and competence rule. Come to The Harborview Rehab & Center Lansdale. After all, we are exactly what you have been searching for.

Call for directions or use google maps. We are located at 25 West 25th Street in the heart of Lansdale, Pennsylvania. We look forward to meeting you and participating in your medical care.

Short-Term Care

Harborview Rehabilitation and Care Center at Lansdale offers post hospital, subacute, & in-patient services. Learn more below.

Clinical Services

Harborview Rehabilitation and Care Center at Lansdale offers a wide range of clinical services. Learn more below.

Long-Term Care

Harborview Rehabilitation and Care Center at Lansdale offers long-term rehabilitation care. Learn more below.

Why Choose Harborview Lansdale Rehabilitation Care Center?

The mission of Harborview Rehabilitation and Care Center Lansdale is to provide high quality care to the local and extended community with excellence, compassion, and competence.

We can answer questions you may have, offer info on insurance participation and help you to schedule an appointment. Harborview Lansdale Rehabilitation and Care Center participates in Medicaid programs as well.

You can also schedule a tour of our full facilities, and meet our staff and residents, via our website or via phone!

Our Onsite Services Include:

  • Subacute Rehabilitation

  • Long-Term Care

  • Respite Care

  • Dedicated Cultural Unit

  • Bariatric Care

  • Post-Surgical Care

  • Pain Management

  • Tracheotomy Care

  • In-Patient Hospice

  • IV Therapy

  • Respiratory Therapy

  • Specialized Wound Care


Use the form below or call 215-855-9765 to schedule a tour at Harborview Rehab & Care at Lansdale to meet our caring staff and see all that we have to offer.

    Harborview Rehab & Care at Lansdale

    25 West 5th Street
    Lansdale, PA 19446



    Admissions e-fax line: 267-238-4842

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