Nurse taking care of an old womanDialysis refers to a kidney failure treatment. The treatment works by removing unwanted fluids, toxins, and waste products from the body. A dialysis treatment works by filtering your blood, and ensuring that your system remains chemically balanced.

Essentially, dialysis is used to replace kidney function, until function is restored. Dialysis is usually combined with care and medication.

Who might require dialysis?

When an individual has chronic kidney disease, the condition can get worse over time. Eventually, patients may reach the end stage, referred to as kidney failure.

At this point, the kidneys can no longer clean the blood, allowing toxins and waste to build up. The condition is now life-threatening, and the only care options are a kidney transplant or dialysis.

Dialysis Services in Lansdale

There are two key types of dialysis, one is hemodialysis, the other is peritoneal dialysis. The former involves transferring the blood into a machine, filtering it, and then moving it back into the body. Peritoneal dialysis means pumping a special dialysis liquid into the abdomen, to remove waste products.
Dialysis in lansdale

If you or your loved one needs dialysis in lansdale, our team at Harborview Rehab and Care Center can help!

Full-Service Health Care Facility in Lansdale

Our licensed medical professionals are trained in nephrology and have plenty of experience in administering dialysis treatments. Kidney failure can be a challenging medical condition, and we understand how scary it can be for everyone involved. Our compassionate and talented staff can provide treatments and support, to prolong life, and promote recovery.

For people with kidney failure, dialysis is a crucial treatment, if you need dialysis in lansdale, you’re in safe hands with our quality medical team. Harborview at Lansdale provides a number of clinical treatments, a few include post-surgical care, respite care, pain management, tracheostomy care, and bariatric care.

Harborview at Lansdale has ample experience in providing quality care to the community. We have a team of exceptional staff and a top-notch facility. Our team takes the time to get to know our patients, offering everyone their own personalized care plan. Harborview Rehab and Care Center provides affordable self-pay options and PA Medical Assistance.

As well as clinical services, we offer both short-term care options, and long-term care options. We are dedicated to providing an exceptional care facility for the people living in Lansdale.

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At Harborview at Lansdale, we acknowledge how essential it is to find the right care center. Receiving dialysis treatment can be a difficult time, and you’ll want a medical team that you can trust. To find out more about our care center, book a tour today. Our passionate team will show you around and answer all your queries.

Once the tour is over, you’ll get the chance to talk about your needs, and get any further information that you need. To schedule your tour today, contact us at The Harborview Rehab and Care Center in Lansdale.


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